Everybody Calls My Father, Father



FIVE STARS This book had me pulled in right from the start. A fascinating and inspiring story that had to be told! This book keeps you in suspense the whole way through and is filled with emotion, wit, sacrifice and the power of love. A must read!!!

S. M. Croken


FIVE STARS I just finished the book and I have to admit that I was crying while reading the Epilogue.  Tim 'Dr. Hope' Anders truly has a gift for writing.  This book is heartfelt - an Oprah pick for sure!

Jeanette Arthur, President of the San Diego Chapter of Childhelp


FIVE STARS This book absolutely compels you to race to the finale to see what happens to this family. Truly a page turner with such in depth characters facing such seemingly impossible odds. How each deals with their own situation is amazing. This will make a WONDERFUL movie!! This happened many years ago, but the story is as contemporary as they come.

Victoria L. Frerichs, Chef


FIVE STARS I couldn't stop reading. Every turn of a page was captivating. Hidden agendas, humor, betrayal, courage, conspiracy, the touching romance of two tortured souls deeply in love; this book has it all. I was enthralled and inspired by the strength of this remarkable woman.  Once I picked this book up, I couldn't put it down!

C.  Portuanto, Teacher


FIVE STARS The author did a fantastic job describing the plight of this family. As I read, my heart celebrated with them and bled for them. The characters came alive in this book. Anyone that reads "Everybody Calls My Father, Father" will laugh, cry....and gain insight into a life of celibacy, and its possible danger.

Peggy Sayles


FIVE STARS Altruistic love extinguished by deceit and deplorable circumstances. I am inspired by the strength of this lady who perseveres though a very difficult dilemma, without compromise to her integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending "Everybody Calls My Father, Father" to anyone who also can appreciate LOVE, INTEGRITY & PERSEVERANCE.  I loved it!

Darcy C.


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