Everybody Calls My Father, Father



FIVE STARS This is a wonderful book with a captivating story. You can't wait to turn the pages to see how it's going to end. It's so well written one feels like they are right there with Boo and Hughie.

Lee Cherry


FIVE STARS I fell in love with the characters from the very beginning. Bouvette's courage and strength were inspirational. This is a beautiful love story with many unexpected twists and turns. The romance, humor, lies and heart break made it difficult to put this book down. This story is perfect for a movie and I can see the cast already!


FIVE STARS A passionate love story between a couple doomed by the Church to never be able to live a normal life. This is a story of loves and betrayals. Sort of a THORNBIRDS only in real life.

Laureen Q.


FIVE STARS It was a very fast moving Book. Also a very touching story, which is hard to understand in today's life how a father could leave his family. But the story takes places in another time, and life was different then. I found my self unable to put it down, even laughing and crying as I was on a plane flying to see my daughter. It is really heartfelt story for the Author, Tim Anders to share with his readers.

Mary C. May

FIVE STARS A wonderful, true love story, set in a more innocent time period. Your heart aches for the love between Boo and Hughie and the forces that tried to keep them apart. The love and strength and commitment of Boo should be inspiring to everyone. Very nicely written.

K. Geuy


FIVE STARS A MUST READ! A fascinating TRUE story that had to be told! This book keeps you in suspense the whole way through. THIS LOVE STORY is filled with emotion and the power of love. AT THE END -THE LOVERS PHOTOS MAKE IT ALL SO REAL.

Daran Grimm


FIVE STARS This is not only a beautiful love story but a commentary of "how we were" and one which gives pause to reflect on "how far have we come?" By the end of this book I wanted to know even more about this courageous, strong woman who was able to carry out her convictions through so much adversity. I can strongly recommend this book.

Jo Ely

FIVE STARS If you love biographies as I do, this is an easy, fast read. It engages you from the beginning and entices you to keep turning pages and finish the story. Super passionate love story, peppered with the realities of life in the 40'sand 50's. Sobering to realize the prejudices against single motherhood and the lack of freedom that dedication to a religion can bring. Life is always about choice and consequence and how we handle all of it. Enjoyable read. Good book!

Reissah Leigh


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