Everybody Calls My Father, Father



FIVE STARS A must read!! It is a Brilliantly written love story reminiscent of the ThornBirds. I simply couldn't put it down. It would be wonderful to have a continuing saga of the other characters and a Film on the big screen. Surely if the movie "Doubt "was made, This story shows the love and heartache of love and the sacrifice people will accept for their true love. This Book was by far one of the best books I have ever read. It would be a disservice to anyone not to have a chance to enjoy this Love Story. Congratulations to the Writer. and I hope Oprah gets a copy. She will recommend this book to America for her Book Club.

Carolyn Hale

FIVE STARS Its a fantastic, cannot put down love story, brings out your emotions. Touching, heart wrenching classic, that just lets you read on and on. My dear friend of Brooklyn, who now resides in Calif- she is as a sister to me- sent this Everybody Calls My Father, Father - autographed also to me for Christmas- Wow - Its powerful. Thank you to Cathy V N. Thank you to writer, Tim Anders. Hopefully, it can be made into a movie.

Beverly DiCovello


FIVE STARS Everybody Calls My Father, Father is a remarkable urban romance with generous helpings of suspense, discovery and family history. Largely seen through the eyes of a young actress, Bouvette Sherwood, and based on her true life story, this story is an interesting read.

The story begins in an Italian restaurant in the upper east side of Manhattan in 1946. A 25 year old Bouvette meets "Hughie", a distinguished older man with a taste for Dewar's White Label Scotch. Bouvette, or "Boo" as her friends call her, learns more about Hughie, she finds he has a secret. He is a Roman Catholic priest.

As their romance develops, so does the intrigue of a forbidden relationship. Time and passion raise the stakes, and when Bouvette becomes pregnant, the story becomes a full fledged suspense. This developing romance with its surprising twists builds velocity as it moves along. It's well paced and filled with warmly developed characters and locales that sparkle with personality.

Everybody Calls My Father, Father
is a rich and structurally complex story. The changes between the viewpoint characters, Bouvette and Hughie, are unusual for a traditional romance. Another viewpoint character, the author, appears late in the story to add another colorful square to this interestingly quilted, patchwork story. Bouvette and Hughie each make some tough choices and those decisions determine lives are changed lives forever. The story morphs into biography there, closing the curtain on the author's parent's romance.

Because this story is based on events that really happened and involves real people with real human strengths and weaknesses, some scenes are intense. The story reads very well and satisfies.

D. McCue

FIVE STARS Everybody Calls My Father, Father is a marvelous book that kept me wanting to read more. It was very interesting how the author's writing style so cleverly portrayed the time period as the characters were developed. You fell in love with "Boo" from  the moment she was introduced. The emotional dilemma of Hughie: stay with the woman and family he so dearly loved or the pull of his calling to the priesthood made me wish for a better ending, one where they could all live happily ever after. It was a love story, drama and comedy all in one. As I read the book I could envision the movie of Everybody Calls My Father, Father being a box office hit!

Mary Heineke

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